November 30, 2011

Halloween Table Runner

I loved this panel fabric I found at JoAnn's, so I decided to make a little Halloween table runner.

November 1, 2011

Thanksgiving banner ~ Thankful

I wanted something to show how lucky and thankful I feel and this is what I came up with

I found maple leaf templates online. I glued fall fabrics to felt squares then used the leaf templates to cut out my left shapes. I just had to spot-glue here & there, but this was a very quick project! I cut a strip of this fun paisley fall fabric, selvedge edge to selvedge edge and about 4 1/2" wide (though technically it's length of yard). I folded it in half (2 1/4" wide), ironed, then folded the 2 halves in half toward the inside so the edges are tucked inside. Iron. Top stitch along the length. Pin on the leaves so they look centered. Top stitch just at the top of the leaf. You're done! Quick, easy & fun.

I hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.