October 6, 2011

Travel bags for shoes & laundry

Last minute goodies for my trip~ I made 2 shoe bags so my shoes don't get everything dirty, and a matching laundry bag. I'm loving the fruit fabrics, oranges with blues and the citrus oranges right now :)

I wonder if anyone would be interested in a tutorial on these... They are SO easy to make & quick too! I used my serger :)


  1. As I was packing all my things, I kept thinking, "Oh, I need a bag for my meds/vitamins. Oh, a bag for all my hair things would be great. Do I have a bag for my bathroom things?" Too bad I left packing until so late or I could have whipped up a couple bags. Maybe I'll find time this weekend (ha! between all the chatting and visiting?). But now I know what to make for my next trip.

    Also, this is the first time I've left my 1 yr old and only the 2nd time I've left my 3 yr old (the other time being when I HAD my 1 yr old and spent 3 nights in the hospital). I'm already going crazy missing them and I don't leave until tomorrow morning! But 3.5 yrs w/ no break? I think it's about time.

    See you tomorrow!

  2. @Erin~ I think we will be fast friends! This weekend will be MY 1st time away from my twin boys (2 1/2)!! And yes, I am already missing them too and I don't leave until tomorrow morning :)