October 16, 2011

Sewing Summit Project~ Sunflower Clutch

Baby Lock Sewing Machines were a sponsor of this year's Sewing Summit. They set up a "sewing room" for us to sew & try out their wonderful machines! This was especially fun for me as they have sponsored a couple sewing shows I like to watch~ "Martha Pullen Sews" and "Fons & Porter Quilting." I had heard of their company but never seen or tried one of their machines. Wow, they stitch so nicely & I freaked out about how EASY it was to change feet on their machines!! I was pretty close to bringing one home... :)

Anyways, one morning at breakfast they surprised us by giving us little kits to make a clutch. They included this placemat fabric, pretty polka dot ribbon, thread and some other fun little goodies. I loved the yellow color but didn't have time to make the clutch while I was at the Summit. I brought it home because I KNEW I had just the fabric to go with their yellow fabric~ yellow sunflowers! I kinda pimped mine out. I lined it and added a matching bow on the front and a velcro closure. Don't you love the yellow with this lovely sunflower fabric?

Thank you Baby Lock


  1. Where have you been? hehe I needed a place to post pictures of all the fun stuff I'm making :)