October 12, 2011

Sewing Summit ladies ~ Good times!

It was a terrific time at the Sewing Summit in Salt Lake City, UT. This was the first annual summit, but it was well put together and very well received. The hotel was lovely & my room was beautiful. The classrooms were pretty & comfortable. The teachers were incredibly well known. It freaked me out how well known they were! I felt kinda bad that I didn't know that they were such celebrities! Anyways, I learned some fun things from each class and met tons of new people. I had something in common with everyone, so it was easy to talk to whomever you sat next to :) This is just my summary blurb. Specifics are down below the photos ~

This is the name tag I made to wear all weekend. I think it came out super cute.  I put my name plus my Flickr name so my online "friends" would know me.

Do you like my little self portrait?

Photos from Gertie's hand sewing specialty stitches class

Pic on left is mine. Picture on right is from Amy Ellis ~

I made this in the Modern Starch Applique class
We had 2 hours to... spray starch and iron 6 chunks of fabric 7 times each. THEN think of a design we'd want to applique onto the white background block. THEN sketch it out. Iron on the freezer paper template to the starched blocks. Cut out the applique pieces. Glue stick them in place. Finally stitch around the raw edges. Whew! That was a challenge! I did the final zig-zag edge stitching at home today. I tried it twice in the sewing room, but they had very sturdy needles & the gray thread did nothing to make these letters pop.
Do you like the blue I chose to use? What should I do with the block now?

Here's me in my little sewing studio. Oh, the mess right now! Don't worry, it's controlled chaos. All my projects to be worked on are there on the sofa behind me tucked cozily into plastic zippy bags just waiting for my attention. I got a little behind from not sewing for the last week!

I won this "refashionista" shirt from Dana's blogging class.
Thanks Dana at Old Red Barn!!

 I thought the shirt seemed fitting because today I was working on refashioning an old sports coat. I am holding one of the pockets here. It will be a purse, to be featured soon.

I didn't take many pictures of people at the summit. Mostly I was there to learn better blogging and to attend the author's panel because I'd really like to publish a book and some magazine articles. I was also really hoping to meet some of my Flickr friends in person. I enjoyed meeting lots & lots of new people, but I guess maybe I'm a little too shy or a little too chatty, or just the only one who lives in Vegas but I didn't really meet a specific "buddy" here. I met a few really great ladies that I enjoyed spending time with, but I guess for me this was also a trip about getting away & having a little quiet "me" time. I'm not much of a big group follower, so Saturday night when the groups went to taco stands & cafeteria style eateries I headed out for sushi on my own. Why didn't anyone want to go for a sit down meal??? I walked the 3 blocks and enjoyed the fresh air, the fresh fish & a lovely glass of chardonnay. For this mom of toddler twin boys I guess I didn't really mind a bit of quiet peace and a special dinner. No mac & cheese or tacos tonite! No cleaning up my own dishes. It's a sit down meal with chop sticks & wine glass and spicy wasabi!

This was my first time away from the twins and as much as I was there to learn, I really needed a bit of recharging of my batteries too. I needed some fun without worry. I needed some quiet space. I needed cooler temperatures than Vegas has this time of year! I needed a day without TV. I needed to learn something new, somewhere new, and to get out and meet other people who like to sew like I do. I needed to talk fabric & bobbins, project malfunctions & excitement over upcoming projects. I think all my goals were achieved here and daddy did a fantastic job manning the fort. Thank you sweetheart! Thank you Sewing Summit!


  1. I love your applique block! I'm so glad that you finished it! :) Thanks so much for coming to my class! :)

  2. I am envious that you were able to go to sewing summit. I wanted to go but knew it wasn't in the cards this year.

    Maybe in the next year or two, I can go and I'll join you for sushi! ;)