October 7, 2011

On the road to Sewing Summit

Las Vegas to Salt Lake City is about 6 hours. Maybe longer with all the stops "I" like to make. I stop for gas. I stop for diet Dr Pepper. I stop for Starbucks. I stop for bathroom breaks LOL. I stopped to take a picture of the snow on the ground! I wish I had stopped to take a picture of the 80mph speed limit sign! I also stopped in St George, UT to go to a quilt shop, and was disappointed. Read on...

Lazy Daisy Quilt Shop in St George, UT

WHAT a cute shop! It's an old house & you have to search the rooms for your treasures. Most rooms have fabric, but one was full of purses & another was all little girl clothes & accessories. I found some wonderful fabrics but I also found unfriendly service :(  While I give the shop a thumbs up for the terrific items they carry & how they are displayed, I give thumbs down to the owner's daughter & niece (?) who were too busy talking to each other to be bothered to talk to me.

Note to the owner: Talk to your girls about customer service! (see 1,2,3)

1) Explain to them that when a person comes in & says she just drove 2 hours to get there, that she's excited to be at the shop & that she's on her own personal shop hop that that person probably intends to buy fabric! I came there specifically TO buy fabric. Why so rude? 

2) If you have bolts of fabric that are not for sale then put a note on them! Don't let me look at them all, choose one and THEN tell me I can't have it! 

3) Do not push people to leave. Sure you can ask if I want help finding a fabric or if I'm finding everything ok. DON'T keep asking "are you ready" and "anything else" in a bored manner. I was obviously still looking! You should ask if I'd like to put my fabrics on the cutting table so I don't have to carry them.

I was SO annoyed to be rushed. I wish I hadn't wanted that stupid yellow gingham so bad because then I could have just walked out. Maybe I'll call before going next time & ask if the friendly staff is on hand that day. Truly though, I really shouldn't have to call in advance & ask the staff to be nice when they see me!

Question: Would you go back here? Or go here yourself after reading this?

These are the coveted fabrics I bought here. Do you have a favorite from them?

My toes in the snow on the road to Utah. It was just so pretty!
It was cold ~ as cold as 38 degrees. Speed limit signs for 80mph and NO traffic! What a fantastic drive!
Do you wear flip flops when you go on a long drive too?

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