October 28, 2011

Halloween Costumes!

Halloween is here & I decided that it was high time that I tried my hand at making costumes. The store bought costumes can be kinda cute, but I wanted something special. I decided to make my boys Count Draculas & my costume is Mama Dracula! I kept it simple~ 2 reversible capes and 2 reversible vests. Everything can be re-used. I think it all came out SO cute! ...but of course I'm biased :}

For the vests I used a tutorial that I've wanted to try for SO long. Here's the tutorial blog. She is one super talented lady! She actually teaches you to make your own pattern! Once I actually got hands on this project it wasn't too difficult and I made them in 2 days.

The vests are reversible. I did crazy red flames on the outside & simply black on the inside so I can use them at Thanksgiving or Christmas :) Make it multipurpose when you can, right mamas?

The vests are supposed to have pocket tabs, but she has you add them at the end & hand stitch them on. I don't have that kind of time! Next time I will add them before sewing the 2 halves together so I can simply sew them on. I machine stitched the opening closed too & it looks fine. Just the shoulders needed to be hand stitched closed & it really makes them look professional! I also left off the buttons cause they don't really like them anyways & wear their vests open :)

I made their capes!! I used Simplicity costume pattern# 2571. I changed it a bit so they are reversible because I really wanted the red satin lining. They came out gorgeous and the satin is SO soft... and washable!

So now we wait for Monday. This will be the 1st year they've actually gone out Trick-or-Treating. We're just going to a few houses in our neighborhood to show off their costumes then heading home, but it'll be a huge new adventure for them. Does your family celebrate Halloween? Have you ever made costumes before?


  1. I prefer making costumes to buy the store costumes because the store costumes are so thin and cheap feeling. I made Lynne an octopus costume last year, though I did buy a nice spider costume for little ones (she wore it one year, Lucas wore it last year). Anyway, the octopus costume is now a dress up toy and the Rapunzel dress I made for this year will be a dress up toy (I plan on posting pictures on Monday after I get the wig done, which will NOT be a dress up toy because I can just see it causing so many problems).

  2. Yes, I was thinking that these would have a 2nd life as dress up clothes too :) This was my 1st attempt at costumes, so I'm thrilled that they came out so good! I can't wait to see your pictures. I love seeing what others come up with for their costumes.

    I have a friend who also has twin boys, born the day before ours, & SHE decided that THEY would also be dracula (neither of us knowing that the other was doing dracula this year!). She made their costumes & it's amazing that they look totally different! Totally adorable. I guess it's hard to make toddlers look bad if you put even the tiniest effort into it hehe