October 29, 2011

Halloween candy buckets

Another tutorial that I've wanted to try is for these little buckets. I just switched them up so they are Halloween themed!!

Here is the original tutorial blog. I used fusible fleece instead of "wadding," and I would suggest you make the strip of liner fabric at least 6 1/4" wide b/c at 6" it came up 1/4" short :( Also, skip the interfacing if you are just using sturdy fabrics like these Halloween ones. You only need the interfacing if you are going to applique like she did. Anyways, I love this Halloween candy fabric & thought it would be fun with the solid orange. This is a great size for your desk or living room to stash a little candy. I'm thinking that maybe I should add a little embroidered plate that says "Halloween," or even better~ "Ours" and make a larger one that says "theirs!!" What do you think?

I thought these might be fun to hold all that make-up clutter like lipsticks & eyeshadow pots laying around my sink. It works terrific ~ see? Now I need to make some for Christmas too :)

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