January 4, 2011

January blog ~ what am I working on?

Well, it looks like I'm going to average a post a month, but I'm ok with that. As the SAHM of twin toddler boys under the age of 2 it is amazing that I get any crafts done at all, let alone any blogging! But I said I'd try, so here I am :)  I'd also like to try project swapping, so I need to look into that...

I have so many projects in the works.

1) Am working on my blanket & doll set and their pattern. Looks really cute so far, so hopefully I'll sell some patterns.

2) Am working on altering a "kimono" dress/top pattern so it will be short sleeved & snap at the top of the sleeves so it can be put on or taken off if hooked up to an IV. Need to make simple little pants to go with it too. This will hopefully be my charity donation project for 2011. It would be nice to sell some of them plus the patterns too, of course.

3) I want to make a spring quilt for our bed. I bought the American Jane strips roll for strip club & they decided to disband the club! So, I found an even cuter pattern than the one they gave & would really like to make this up :)

4) It is the 150th anniversary of the Civil War this year. There are a ton of honorary repro fabric lines & I came up w/an interesting art quilt/portrait design of a Civil War woman. I'd like to start work on this & it's a perfect way to try out my new EQ7 quilting software! Wish me luck on this ambitious venture!

5) I have a paper dolls Christmas quilt to put together. I have an idea for the blocks, but I'm still mulling around ideas, so it's on the back-burner. Hey, I have an entire year to procrastinate on this one!

So my friends stay tuned. I have LOTS to do!  -wendy

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